Author: S.D. Campbell

Sean Campbell is a former reservist with the Canadian Forces and an ardent student of Canadian Military History.  Hailing from Prince Edward Island, an interest in the Royal Canadian Navy may be only too appropriate.

He is a competitive scale modeller, having won awards for his work and with several models of Canadian naval vessels on public display.  A software engineer turned digital marketing consultant, he currently resides in Calgary, Alberta with his daughter and an overweight guinea pig.

Visit his blog, Wordswolf, to read more of his work.

Tin-Can Canucks: A Century of Canadian Destroyers

Tin-Can Canucks: A Century of Canadian Destroyers

Bordered by three oceans, Canada's Navy has always needed ships and crew who could brave the harshest of seas to enforce her sovereignty and protect her freedom. The destroyer has been "the very finest ship" for such tasks. Their crews may call them tin-cans but these hardy ships have faced off against U-Boats, Gunboats, Sampans and North Atlantic gales. From Ushant to Inchon, from the frigid Atlantic and wide Pacific to the narrow Gulf, they have sailed and fought and shown the flag. They are the greyhounds of the seas. They are the Tin-Can Canucks. More info →
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